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Adaptive vs. Responsive Design

Posted by Avid Design | Thursday, August 6th

Adaptive vs. Responsive Design

To the untrained eye, it might seem like responsive and adaptive design are the same. Afterall, they have the same goal: to opimize web content for consumption on a mobile device. As a whole, mobile web design has become increasingly important since Google's Mobilegeddon, and some sources believe that mobile traffic will actually overtake web traffic by 2018. 

Mobile web developers have taken two different approaches to designing for mobile web, responsive design and adaptive design. Here's the difference: 

A responsive site is designed as a whole, with a single HTML codebase that is delivered to each device. The browser then uses tweaks to the CSS, which determines the layout of a web page, to adjust the layout depending on the size of the screen. So, when you drag the corners of your browser window to resize it, you can see the site grow or shrink until it reaches a breakpoint. Then, the layout of the site will reload to suit the new dimensions of the screen. Mostly, it's about...

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