Make a Little Space

Posted by Avid Design | Tuesday, June 2nd

Make a Little Space

In visual art, negative space plays an essential role in guiding the viewer's attention to the subject.  In user interface design--or in this case, website design--white space is the designer's equivalent to negative space, and it is a key element of successful web design.  

Have you ever been to a website with so much going on that you have trouble focusing on any one feature on the page?  Take a look at the World's Worst Website Ever for an extreme example of the visual disaster that ensues when one ignores the importance of white space on a web page.  

According to this study by Fast Company, a business media brand with knack for innovation in technology and design, white space has been proven to increase reader comprehension by up to 20%.  Its power comes from the limits of human attention and memory.  That's not to say users are incapable of focusing on multiple items on a page at once, but too many items on a page will make it more difficult for users to complete the task set out for them by the webpage.  

Take a look at a recent website re-design that we did for an interior design client here in the valley, Reed Design Group LLC.  We maximized the use of white space, especially on the landing page, to draw the user's attention directly to the client's work.  We think this keeps the website simple and elegant, and totally in-line with the way they decorate.  

Need help cleaning up your webpage to make it more visually appealing and engaging to your target audience? Reach out to us today for a site review! 


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