Meet the Family

Posted by Avid Design | Wednesday, January 30th

Meet the Family

What builds the foundation of a strong marketing campaign? Where do great ideas come from?

We’ll give you a hint: it starts with ‘T’ and ends with ‘eam Love’.

Still don’t know?

Alright, we’ll tell you… Team Love! That’s right- all great ideas are able to grow into something when there is a team working hard to ensure success.

Here at Avid, we are not just coworkers- we are a family. We don’t believe in cubicles- we prefer having our desks close enough to high-five each other in a moments notice. We don’t believe in taking ourselves too seriously- at least one groan-worthy joke is told every day. We don’t think that the best ideas always occur at a desk- sometimes, you need to sprawl on the couch to get the thinking-juices flowing. We do believe in supporting ideas, always looking to improve, and keeping office culture fun while getting sh*t done. But most importantly, we like to hear Kristen say ‘water’.

Here’s what our team members have been up to:

Brad- Brad continues to wear the best shoes in and out of the office (with fun socks to bring the whole look together). When he’s not snowboarding, you can find him researching ways to continually improve the business based on what’s coming next. Just so you know, Brad is our resident Starbucks-lover (Venti Latte, add two pumps of Chai, thanks for asking).

Kristen- The ever wonderful Ms. Le continues to create incredible designs that are knock-off-Brad’s-awesome-socks good. We are also convinced that she has the magic ability to pick out the most beautiful tomatoes from the Village Market.

Brian- He listens to metal and punk louder than the average person, and loves web development almost as much as he loves doughnuts. When he is not snowboarding, you can probably find him climbing at the new Eagle Climbing + Fitness gym or sipping on beers at Garf’s.

Sarah- Sarah is by far the best skier in the office. Maybe that’s because she is the only skier in the office, but that’s a debate for a later time. She can occasionally be found looking out the windows of the office, searching for cute dogs that are walking by.

Nicole- She doodles, she creates, and she now lives in Colorado full time! We are excited to officially have her in the office as a permanent fixture of the Avid Family. Make sure to ask her about her cats, because they are soooo fluffy.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the A-team, come meet us in person! 


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