Our Newest Websites

Posted by Avid Design | Wednesday, January 30th

Our Newest Websites

Websites are often the first touch point between you and your clients. Therefore, it is important to have a clean and cohesive design that sends a clear message while giving the users the best experience possible. Here are some of the websites that we designed over the past few months.


-Hofmann Experience: Sophie Hofmann- real estate tycoon, incredible businesswoman, and important fixture in the Vail Valley. Sophie approached us a few months ago to design a website for her new company- the Hofmann Experience. Hx is a project-based lifestyle brand that looks to connect people in fun and exciting ways. Through meet-and-greet events such as Kitzbühel or location-specific Monopoly sets all the way to weddings, Hx has a lot to offer. The result? A website that displays information on all of the services offered in an easily digestible manner.

-Lost Identity Beverage Co: To tie the awesome packaging together with branding efforts, we created a website for Lost Identity to help consumers learn about the product. Soon, these products will be available online through e-commerce- more information coming soon!

-Delaware Hotel: Located in downtown Leadville, CO, the historic Delaware Hotel needed a website that conveyed the history of the hotel while keeping the property relevant in the modern world. The result was a modern and responsive design that focused on Victorian-style design elements. The website features the room options, highlights the shops within the hotel, and discusses the history of Leadville and the property.

-Reed Design Group: Located in Vail, Reed Design Group is an interior design firm that focuses on timeless personal interiors in contemporary, traditional, and transitional styles. When designing the new website, Reed Design Group wanted to ensure that all of these design elements were pulled together for a cohesive look and feel.

-Value Life: Driving while under the influence is a serious issue across the US. To help solve the problem, Value Life created breathalyzer kiosks to be placed in businesses that serve alcohol. After paying a small fee, the user is able to guess their blood alcohol content (BAC), then uses a single-use straw to blow into the kiosk to measure their actual BAC. The user then sees their BAC, and depending on the level, can learn more about the dangers of drunk driving as well as select a safe ride option. Since the kiosks do not cost anything for businesses to install, the website was designed with simplicity in mind to help show businesses how easy the kiosks are.

-Vail Backcountry Tours: As the premier snowmobiling company in Vail, VBT needed a new website that gave customers enough information to answer basic questions without inundating them with too much information. This also needed to be done with a clean design that showed the connection to the outdoors and the ease of accessibility for the customers.

-Koncerted: Located in Chelsea, MA, and Stamford, CT, Koncerted focuses on creating harmony through technology in their residential, commercial, and construction consultation projects. Koncerted tasked Avid with creating a website with larger images for a sleek, modern design that mirrored the professionalism and state-of-the-art capabilities of the company. From a functionality standpoint, HubSpot was integrated into the website for increased inbound marketing and lead generation.

-Heather's Housekeeping: Heather's Housekeeping is the premier cleaning company in the Vail Valley. Since 1997, Heather and her team have focused on the details, and their website was no different! Featuring cleaning motifs and icons in the web design, the website is simple to navigate. It also provides an easy to use estimate request form for lead generation to help qualify potential customers prior to speaking with them.


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