Sweet E’s Bake Shop

Posted by Avid Design | Tuesday, January 17th

Sweet E’s Bake Shop

Sweet E’s Bake Shop, located in LA, initially reached out to Avid to assume management of their eCommerce site. They needed a company well-versed in the eCommerce platform Magento, and worked with Avid on both management and upgrades to refine and enhance site functionality. Eventually, they asked Avid if we knew of any illustrators to recommend. Do we ever! We recommended our own Art Director Coni Terrado. Coni provided a selection of past illustrations, as well as some specifically-designed samples of what they were looking to achieve. Sweet E’s Bake Shop was satisfied with the watercolor-style illustrations they’d envisioned, and began working with us for their varying visual collateral needs.   

The illustrations became pieces of a vinyl wrap for the official Sweet E’s dessert truck, which travels around like a food truck or can be rented! The illustrations are watercolor-inspired, but Coni and Kristen made sure to get the colors right on these custom illustrations so that the details would accurately reflect real Sweet E’s products. For additional design direction with these illustrations, Coni and Kristen referenced images of the actual Sweet E’s baked goods from their website.

Sweet E’s Bake Shop was happy enough with Avid to send us delicious, sweet treats! If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, be sure to pay them a visit at sweetesbakeshop.com


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