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Will Your Website Hold Up Against Mobilegeddon?

Posted by Avid Design | Wednesday, April 29th

Will Your Website Hold Up Against Mobilegeddon?

More and more consumers are moving between devices, with many of them even using two or more devices simultaneously.  The ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices allows marketers newfound access to consumers along the path to purchase from brand awareness through conversion.  In order to capitalize on the consumer’s multi-device usage, it is essential that a website have a responsive design that allows it to be viewed on mobile, tablet, and full-screen computers alike.  Basically, this means that the website will present an optimized layout regardless of the device on which it is being loaded.  A website’s workability can be limited when it has not been optimized to be viewed on a tablet or mobile phone, which can be a frustrating experience for users of these devices, and can cause them to abandon their search, leaving the marketer with one less customer.

The importance of responsive design versus simply creating a “mobile version” of a website is the fluidity that a responsive...

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