The Secret to Never Working a Single Day of Your Life

Posted by Avid Design | Monday, November 5th

The Secret to Never Working a Single Day of Your Life

Just living the dream - that's our response here at Avid Design when someone asks how we are doing. We truly believe that living in Vail, CO and doing what we do is the dream. "Living the dream" is our mantra, and through that belief, we never feel we work a single day. When you’re doing what we do and working with our amazing clients (who we consider to be more of the Avid family than a client), it’s that easy. And yes, we know and appreciate how lucky we truly are.

The “My life is…” poster is the start of our monthly poster post. You give us so much as friends and "family", we thought we’d give back in one of our favorite ways…design.  So make sure to check back regularly for a new one-of-a-kind Avid poster to download and print, use as your wallpaper or for whatever application you choose.

And as you may have noticed, we launched our new website this week and we could not be more excited. After many long days of designing, programming and refining the end product, we felt it was finally time to share it with the world. Be sure to check out our portfolio for a full list of our projects that include branding, print design, website development and so much more. Enjoy, thanks again for stopping by and we'll look forward to having you back again real soon!

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  1. Catherine Durbin says:... | Sep 01, 2013 at 12:43am

    The best thing about Avid Design is how the staff members all are passionate about their work, which would definitely support the fact that people in the Avid family are “living the dream”. That’s when you know that the amenities they provide are going to be impressive because of the attitude they adapt whilst providing these services.
    -Catherine at Tradesman Design


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