What Digital Marketing Means

Posted by Avid Design | Tuesday, January 17th

What Digital Marketing Means

What is digital marketing? How can your business utilize digital marketing? To put it simply, digital marketing is a term that encompasses marketing products or services via any and all of the following: websites, social media, developing technologies, newsletters, online ad campaigns, mobile displays, blogging, SEO, or other forms of digital/online media. Digital marketing can be used interchangeably with “online marketing,” which all goes to say there are infinite tactics to be used for your business, and not all of them will be perfectly suited to your needs.

Online marketing differs from traditional marketing in that it is less about traditional forms of advertising—think print ads—and more about developing an online presence and making your brand accessible and recognizable to audiences. Because the internet is such a vast, open highway, it’s more effective for businesses to plant flags relevant to the interests of their desired customer/client versus shady spamming tactics. Leah, Avid’s Marketing Director firmly believes in an approach she calls “aggressive authenticity” for web marketing.

Since Avid is a full-service marketing agency, we offer a variety of assets so that we can create a bespoke marketing solution for any business—no matter their needs. And as a boutique agency, Avid employs a select group of highly-skilled creatives who all work closely together to craft these marketing and design solutions for each client so that your brand’s voice is seamlessly implemented across both print and web. It’s different for every client, because really there is no “one size fits all” marketing solution for businesses. To be perfectly frank, even this blog post can be considered marketing collateral for Avid! It is an honest and authentic way for us to talk about what we can offer your business, and why we love it. For more information about all Avid can do for you, click here.

Check out some of our recent websites for Co. Ranch House and Alpenrose Gardenscapes.


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We have a new client in Vail who chose to work with us solely on our website! Way to go, Avid! - Elizabeth Reed, Scott S. Turnipseed AIA // Eagle CO

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