My Top 5 Favorite Posts I’ve Done at Avid

Posted by Avid Design | Friday, January 27th

My Top 5 Favorite Posts I’ve Done at Avid

As Avid’s Director of Marketing, I get to be creative with my work. I have a lot of fun managing social media for clients, and sometimes I go back and revisit posts just because I love the work we do, a long-standing tradition with Avid Design. Below is a list of my top five favorite social media posts!

             5. "Hug A Vegetarian Day" post for Revolution. Noteworthy since Revolution is a rotisserie steakhouse. I love doing the marketing for this particular client because they have an edgier, cheeky brand voice which allows me to do posts like these. Plus, I’m vegetarian so I’m allowed to make fun of myself. (Worth noting my favorite dish at Revolution is the vegan torta!) 


              4. “Friday the 13th” post for Hooked restaurant. I collaborated with Coni Terrado, Avid’s Art Director, for this post and the terrified sushi she illustrated cracks me up every time. I have gone back to look at this post at least twice since it was posted. This image was such a collaborative concept that we had office-wide discussions about what food could look like blood in a sushi restaurant. (I think we landed on “beet coulis.”) That’s a pretty normal thing for us—we often strategize together about branding and have in-depth discussions about the optimal placement for behind-the-scenes marketing minutiae like tone, punctuation, and timing but with digital branding it honestly all makes a difference. There is a strategy involved with all of our work and a lot more goes into a single post than people see. For example, I regularly test captions on my coworkers before setting one live.


             3. Speaking of Coni, I grabbed this photo of her while we were on location for a photoshoot. She was acting as a stand-in while I checked the light (sans the diffusion she’s got in her hands) and laughed about something. It’s maybe one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.


             2. I took this photo right after I first started working for Avid when I went to the Vail Farmers’ Market for the first time to check it out and get fresh content for their marketing efforts. It was a hot and memorable day, and I met lots of new people during this one event—and, being very new to Colorado, it was wonderful how welcoming everybody was at the Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show. I recall this particular photo as a standout of the day, and I was happy to share it.

Marketing solutions differ for each of our clients so in my early days at Avid Design I had to learn what I’d be doing for each—for the VFM it’s print, web, digital marketing (including social media), newsletters, and event marketing for the Farm to Table dinners. Unlike Revolution or Hooked (both owned/operated by chef Riley Romanin), which have a cheeky, young voice—the Vail Farmers’ Market & Art Show brand voice is warm, authentic, and sincere. The contrast between these brands and their voices is something that I love from a personal standpoint, and has underlined the value of being able to pivot effortlessly for marketing reasons.


             1. This was another photo I was proud to have taken, not just because of the framing but because it captured a quiet little moment of significance for the Avid family. An awning that we designed for a client had just been installed across the street from our office and everyone gathered to take a gander at the final work. As a boutique marketing agency we take a lot of pride in what we do and often work closely as a team to accomplish each project—each person at Avid Design brings a different and strong skillset to the table. For this particular client, their marketing efforts included logo design and identity work (awning, signage, business cards, and apparel design) to help build their brand awareness in Riverwalk, and beyond.


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