Native Roots

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  • wallpaper design
  • interior graphics

Established in 2010, Native Roots has infused dignity into cannabis commerce – focusing first on medical offerings until recreational use became legal in 2012. Avid began working with this apothecary in 2013, translating their holistic approach to the medical and recreational cannabis experience into unique branding and designs that reflect their goals of raising the bar within the industry, liberating happiness, healing ailments of the mind and body, and giving back to the 20+ communities across Colorado in which they operate.

The folks of Native Roots provided our design team with a stream-of-conscious download of all words, ideations and strains that spoke to their culture. We then used that spread of information and converted the words and vibes into a gridded modular wallpaper that’s remained their iconic look into 2021. Fan favorite designs include the cow being abducted by aliens and an Instagrammable cutout of Bob Marley’s hair.

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EagleVail Exterior
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EagleVail Interior
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The wallpaper concept was first introduced in their EagleVail location. The design reflects the clean, contemporary, sophisticated, and Apple-esque interior of their stores as the idea was to pull away from the stoner stigma and become the Starbucks of the cannabis industry. It was used internally to promote a new vision for the industry, build awareness on social channels, and essentially became a billboard for those passing by on I-70. Tourists and locals alike have stopped for a picture, even celebrities have made time to stop by Native Roots for a quick photo opp (Red Man, Method Man, Snoop, Wiz, LMFAO). The wallpaper was later redesigned and reconfigured for their 20+ other store floor plans across Colorado, and this branding was adapted for use across all of their products, apparel, advertising and more.