Small Champions

  • print collateral
  • website design
  • web development
  • motion graphic video

Small Champions is an Eagle County non-profit organization run by a team of staff and volunteers with BIG hearts. They break down barriers and empower local kids living with cognitive and physical disabilities through adaptive skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, golfing, swimming programs and beyond. Helping this organization share their mission through vibrant branding, an engaging website and impactful marketing assets over the past few years has been a sincere pleasure.

After more than a decade of enhancing the lives of local families, Small Champions recognized the need for an all-encompassing document that detailed their evolving story, their value proposition and the hard data that shows their positive impact that’s increased year after year due to the generosity of volunteers, donors and staff. The final 12-page impact statement displays this information in a manner that speaks to both current stakeholders and potential donors without sacrificing an ounce of the affable nature and drive that makes this NPO shine. Avid created an impact statement video to compliment the print piece, taking viewers through the data in a visually engaging manner along with a voiceover that further explains the beneficial reach of their programming.

Small Champions slideshow header


While operating at the epitome of professionalism, Small Champions isn’t a stuffy non-profit in the least. It was important to design their website so it matched their approachable and personable qualities through bright primary colors and as many images from their programming as possible, while also making it very easy to either enroll in the program or make a donation. The balance of a clean navigation and heartwarming visuals culminated in a welcoming website that aligned with what’s at the heart of Small Champions and appealed to their target demo.