Town of Vail

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The Town of Vail, founded in 1966, is a world-class tourist destination – best known for its winter offerings, but beloved for its spring and summertime charm. It sits at the base of Vail Mountain and is a popular location for world travelers seeking five-star resort lodging, high-end shopping, fine dining, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, and the mild whitewater rapids of the Eagle River.

The Town of Vail hired Avid to create a detailed pocket map of everything you’ll find while exploring the area, from hiking/biking trails to bus stops, businesses, and other points of interest. The goal was to provide tourists with a grab-and-go download of everything there is to do and how to get there. We flexed our cartography skills, tackling map design challenges such as the level of detail required for this to portray every aspect of Vail proportionally while still being able to overlay on a Google map with 100% accuracy at scale.

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Vail Valley
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West Vail
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Bus Map
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Avid worked with the Town of Vail to nail down the most important details of this handy wayfinding piece. We then built custom brushes to replicate the landscape situated around the precise replication of trails and bus routes. Finally, we crafted a user-friendly legend and iconography on these perfectly oriented maps so tourists could quickly identify what they wanted to do and plan accordingly for transportation via the Town Of Vail bus lines.