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Eagle River Watershed Council is a localized non-profit that is led by the next generation of environmental movers and shakers. Near and dear to the hearts of the river rat community, this organization leads the way with annual cleanup events, hands-on water wise and landscaping workshops, educational events and more – all centered around the protection of local waters. To say that we admire them for what they do would be quite the understatement.

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Eagle River Cleanup
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Highway Cleanup
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We created cohesive print and digital marketing campaigns with striking visuals for ERWC’s two annual community cleanup events: The Community pride highway Cleanup and the Eagle River Cleanup. Our goals were to increase participation and brand awareness as ERWC struggled previously to connect these well-known events with their name. Rubber hose style characters and a friendly fish helped visually break through the noise on social media and appeal to the younger generation. Corresponding print ads in Vail Daily targeted current donors and a more traditional audience.

Our goal with these additional ongoing campaigns was to make the next generation of community members aware of everything ERWC does and showcase why they should support the cause. These social media campaigns were a cost-effective way to target locals and share information on Rain Barrel Workshops, DIY Landscaping for better biodiversity, the Tree and Shrub Swap for the removal of noxious Tamarisk and Russian Olive plants, and general awareness. We ran such messaging throughout the year so people would learn the benefits of what ERWC does for our local lands and rivers leading up to the annual End of Year Ask, making them stand out in the local non-profit scene.

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We redesigned their website in 2021, providing them with a cleaner navigation that streamlined their vast amount of pertinent information into a well-organized structure with engaging infographics. Their donation functionality was reconstructed to be simple and clear for user-friendly giving and the backend of the website received a major overhaul, making it very easy to use with endless layout options. It has been delightful to watch their team master the custom backend to build their new pages independently!