Satcom Resources

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SATCOM Resources is an international leader in the satellite communications industry. They harness cutting-edge technology to pioneer secure communication solutions that work in even the most remote locations, affording entities with a one-stop-shop from procurement to deployment of the latest tech.


SATCOM’s updated website showcases the edge of their ethos and appeals to governmental audiences with its tactical design elements, like the radar overlay and topographic background. Their highly-technical services and capabilities are condensed into scannable, easy-to-understand infographics. The dynamism of the website is also reflective of SATCOM’s stellar level of service with moving content sections and slideshows. Our team rounded out the website design overhaul with a set of custom isometric icons that represent the vast technological facets of SATCOM.

Satcom Resources slideshow header
Digital Marketing
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To support their business, we created and managed a remarketing campaign using Google Display ads. This campaign not only placed new website visitors into the remarketing pool, but also kept SATCOM in front of those who visited the website in the past – increasing the frequency of visibility to further encourage users to convert.